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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Paula, currently Florida, 1:00pm - 3:45pm

After 6 weeks of hibernating during Bavarian snowy Winter, just snuggling up on my sofa with steaming hot tea and books and NO exercises at all; I am glad being now back on track and currently in Florida.

My first few days in Tampa where quite cold and my new fancy bathing suit came without fur...
Really I didnt have that many warm clothes with me and not being fond of heating the rooms via air condition; I got all excited when S. suggested 4 days @the family beach house on Don Pedro Island, South of Sarasota (70 miles). Particularly as the forecast promised some improvement in temperature.

I couldnt get fast enough to the beach! Lost myself in all these impressions of white powdery sand, the screeches of seagulls, mill of shells and the scent of the ocean. I watched the waves coming in, breaking, leaving the foam behind as sign of their existence. Foam - to be blown away in the wind and becoming part of the eternal circle of life again.

My senses were quite overwhelmed. I offered my face to the wind and pale sun.
I walked along the seashore so full of joy and gratitude. So many treasures, so many stories in each and every shell. Corals, sponges, little crabs.

My first living shell EVER. In the first moment I wanted to throw it back into the water. However that would have been interfering with the circle of nature.

I loved watching the willet's on the beach. The way they run towards the incoming waves to find food and never leaving the waves out of sight to quickly move back to the beach when necessary.
I simply couldnt stop watching and walking.
Squeezing my butt muscles and walking very consciously slow and rolling my feet as it is supposed to be done. Returned to the house after 2.45h walk to find S. has prepared our Valentine' s day dinner, just lovely done and I got all pampered and spoiled with gifts.

Next morning I woke to the sunrise streaming in through the blinds.
Each and every moment meant spiritual reconnecting with nature. Each and every moment meant magic in MY life.

Ladies, over the next few weeks you will experience Florida through the eyes of a tourist ;-)))))


Cindy @ Chalk it Up! said...

It's so great to see you back on CF! Your pictures are beautiful! I think you are about three or four hours away from where I am. I wish you were closer, we could go on a walk together!
Enjoy your peace and tranquility! I look forward to seeing more of Florida through your eye!

Hayley @ When I Grow UP said...


How delightful to view Florida from the eyes of a tourist! Though, I must admit, sometimes I feel like one myself, and I have lived here for the last 23 years!! Oh my...just to write that...uggg...

If you are back in Tampa, let me know. I would love to meet up with you. ;)

Looking forward to more posts from the Florida tourist!!


diane said...

How exhilerated you sound. You pump enthusiasm into every word. Great post and what a long walk. I hope to do some beach walking when the weather cools down a bit. Today was an improvement on the last week of high humidity and temperatures.