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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Paula - Munich, Thursday; 4:15 - 4:50pm

Today I finally managed to be out of the day center early and decided to have a stroll at X-mas market. No brisk walk, just a stroll. But then wants to briskly pass this market?

Sorry to be not around more often currently however this treatment is taken its toll and generally I am in bed early.

But now, Florida Ladies, come along to snowy Munich:

All what your heart desires and more :-) From gingerbread house to a special stamp for your cards to be send - right from the market.

Looks like the cathedral is protecting the market.

X-mas doesnt hold any religious meaning for me, however I do understand the tradition or custom celebrated in many families. I particularly love the decoration "all natural" plus bee wax candles on the tree. I dont care for electric lights on my tree. But I do remember a X-mas shop in St. Pete - all artificial trees - my eyes were big like diner plates!!

Spice red wine, hunters tea and grog are warming - if one cares for such "delights"

The X-mas market doesnt only offers candles to buy you may make your own, learn how to make glas decoration and sing christmas carols every afternoon. For children there is a X-mas village inside the cityhall and you may leave your little one's in the care of trained staff to get your shopping done.

A "living crip and moving figures" are mostly exciting to the tourists as there is a the Crip scene as live play every day too.

Hope you like our stroll. How do you celebrate X-mas?

Well, it will be my first Winter and X-mas time in Germany since 2002. Still a rather foreign feeling, missing the warmth and X-mas at the beach.

1 comment:

Cindy @ Chalk it Up! said...

What a feast for the eyes! Thank you so much for getting us into the holiday spirit!
I'm finding it hard to get that Christmas feeling this year. Don't really know why.
Maybe I will start feeling it once we get a tree.:)