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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Julie - North Carolina - 11:20 to 12:12

My life is basically divided between the city of Winston-Salem and the town of Kernersville. Today I had some things to do over in K'ville so when that was done Donovan and I parked along Main Street (every town needs a Main Street, don't ya think?) and went for a walk in the historic district. After our rainy weekend the weather has been absolutely perfect! Sunny, clear, breezy, highs in the mid-70s. I love it! Since the first of my errands was donating blood, I planned to walk at a somewhat easy pace... which I think would've happened anyway because I took so many pictures! I did walk at a pretty good clip on the way back to the car, when I noticed that Donovan's head had started lolling to the side...

A little sampling of historic homes:

I wonder how old some of these trees are. I really liked the sidewalk going around the big trunk. Haley, I thought the knothole kind of looked like a lopsided heart, and I thought of you. It also reminded me of one of my favorite books, To Kill a Mockingbird.

I call this the "quaint collage." I wonder what "Slices of Heaven" are... they sound fattening. I got the biggest kick out of the workmen's shoes outside the interior design showroom. I was thinking a lot about all of you as I walked, mentally captioning each photo for you. I wish we could all sit at one of these tables and have lunch!

This is "K├Ârner’s Folly," the most famous building in K'ville and a symbol of the town itself. It has 3 floors, 7 levels, 15 fireplaces, and numerous oddities. Restoration is a constant process. In true small town form, as I walked by I realized I knew the contractor on site and we waved and said "hey" to each other across the street.

There are many Moravian churches in this part of the state. The one in K'ville has two sanctuary buildings - an older, smaller one and a newer, larger one. Today's the first time I noticed the weathervanes with the dates "1867" and "1992" atop the steeples.
This is the backside of the Moravian church (the older sanctuary is on the left) and its cemetery. Moravian churches refer to their cemeteries as "God's Acre." I hope it's not too strange that I love cemeteries. They're so peaceful and green and beautiful. I love reading the names and dates and wondering about each person that walked here before me.

This is the backside and cemetery of the Methodist church (also two sanctuaries!), just a block away from the Moravian church. Right as I approached, the carillon tolled twelve and then played several hymns. The first one was "He Leadeth Me" - an appropriate soundtrack for my walk!

Uh-oh... I was afraid this would ruin Donovan's nap at home. Instead, it was just the beginning of it! When we got home, I put him in the bed and he slept until 2:00!
You'll never believe what I did, though... After I put Sleeping Beauty in the car, I drove away with my stroller still on the sidewalk, and I didn't realize it until after he woke up!!! Thankfully, it was right outside a church (the one in the "tree collage"), and someone there spotted it outside and brought it in! Whew!


Cindy @ Chalk it Up! said...

Julie, Where to begin?! What a treat! Thank you for taking us through K'ville! I love the historic houses and main street with all the quaint shops. Yes, it would be nice for us all to have lunch there together. I'll have a slice of heaven, thank you!
I used to love when my little ones would get an extra long nap. I always felt like it was good for them and me:).
I'm glad you recovered your stroller!

Cindy @ Chalk it Up! said...

I forgot to add, I commend you for giving blood!

Hayley @ When I Grow UP said...

Julie! I feel like I was with you! Oh how I wish I were with you. It's funny how walking with everyone makes me long for a vacation--any vacation. I wonder what a round-trip flight to Kville costs?!

The historic houses were beautiful. And the!

I find that these walks definitely help with naptime. I have to time them just so, or else Nicholas is energized! He usually walks (instead of the stroller). I should say he runs, because he is always yelling, "Mommy! Come back!" because I have walked so far ahead. I usually do a U-turn and hustle back (it makes me feel like I did twice the walk).

Terrific terrific post today! Thanks so much for sharing!

PS - Love those heart shots!!
PSS - Way to give your heart by giving blood!! Go Julie!!