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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cindy - Florida 9:15-10:15 AM

This morning's walk was very pleasant! For the first time since I've started my walks the weather was overcast. Without the powerful, Florida sun beating down, it's amazing how much more comfortable it is to walk. If felt at least 15 degrees cooler. I felt as if I could walk for hours! Of course, the down side is that you don't have that magnificent bright sunlight for pictures.

In this first collage, you can see the background that I used was a photo of the sky this morning. It wasn't as gray as it appears in this picture but it wasn't the typical blue sky either. I played around with picasa collage as I tried to weave together some colorful subjects, that I found today, against the dull sky.
I walked through a neighboring subdivision . I think I'll nickname this neighborhood the knick knack neighborhood. It seemed like everyone had some sort of figurine or ornamental decor on their front lawn. Here is just a small sampling.
This next group of photos is of some sort of fungi growing at the base of a large tree. It looked other worldly to me. I love the colors of green, orange and cream against the brownish-black bark.
Here is a collage of all the pictures I took on my walk today. There is one picture in here somewhere, of the entrance to Stephanie's neighborhood. I spotted it, looking through the backyard one of the nick knack houses. Yes, we live that close! Hopefully we can find the time to walk together next week:)
The photo below was one of my favorites of the day. The little white flowers on this jasmine plant reminded me of stars in the sky. They seemed to glow!

Hayley, I think you asked how I added this frame. I did it on under create/frames/museum matt.

I hope everyone had a great walk today! I look forward to seeing your pictures!
Have a starry night!:)


julie said...

Those white flowers are amazing! You're right, they do seem to glow! And I'm glad you got a little bit of a break from the heat!

So HOW are you getting the pics to go where you want them to in Picasa collages? I think the "scramble photos" function is having a battle of wills with me, and winning! :O

Cindy @ Chalk it Up! said...

Thank you Julie!
As for the picasa collages. When I want to arrange them the way that I want to under setting I choose picture pile and move them and size them to my liking. I also just figured out that if I right click on a picture I can choose it to either be on top or bottom, when pictures overlap. That's how I was somewhat able to create the weaving effect.
I hope this explanation makes sense and helps:)

Miriam said...

Cindy, Loved the pictures today, I look forward to seeing what you see on your walks. I hope to get back soon, rib problems.

Hayley @ When I Grow UP said...

I love your "picture pile" collage! The weaving is such a neat design. The weather has been so overcast, but I agree, it forces our creativity and will make us better photographers in the end.

I adore your stars photo. They really do seem to twinkle!

Great post!