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Friday, August 28, 2009

Cindy - Florida 9:25-10:05 AM

The clock was my start and end point.

I was very inspired by today's walk. I took 83 pictures in a half hour and I was walking quickly! After dropping off my sons lunch at the front office (week one and we're already forgetting things) I decided to take a short ride to historic Sanford. There was so much to take in here. Editting is hard sometimes.

This first group of pictures was taken at the marina on Lake Monroe. The theme is reflections.

These two hydrants are cousins, like the city mouse and country mouse!
Then there are real birds and fake birds...
My favorite group of pictures I call "Window Shopping". Instead of shadows I captured myself in reflections this time. There is a wonderful art and antique district on the main street. It would be fun to do this walk with a friend.
You may want to click on this collage to get a closer look at what is in the windows. There are a couple of art studios that I would love to call my own.

Finally, here is a group of some more photos that I liked. Doorways and archways was a little theme. The door at the top right is adorned with colorfully painted fence post cap( I think?), clever! The middle picture shows how still the air was, the flag is just lying there, no breeze. And I love the woman fishing. That my have to become a painting!:)

I hope some of you are able to get in a creatively fit walk sometime today or this weekend:)

Have a great weekend!

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julie said...

Woah Cindy! I have been known to take a ton of pics in a short amount of time, too... thank goodness for the digital age!! That looks like a great place - I so enjoyed walking with you vicariously, I wish I really COULD have been there! I've noticed that everything is so GREEN in all the Florida photos. We are in such a drought that everything looks brown. Thankfully we are getting some rain this weekend, though it may not make for very good photos.

Cindy @ Chalk it Up! said...

Yes, thank goodness for digital!
Florida does stay greener longer than most areas of the country. I remember when I lived in NY and went to school down here, I would fly up to NY and everything looked so muted, even the sky. Then I would come back down here and it was like I stepped out of Dorothy's house from the Wizard of Oz! Everything was so vibrant!
I hope you get some rain!
Have a great weekend!