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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Paula, Munich, 1:00pm - 2:45pm

Through field and forest! Another long walk today!
The field with all the wild flowers was so gorgeous and beautiful that I didnt dare walking into it. Turned completely into a kid again. Loved it!

I found this wooden house and learnt that right there starts an educational path in the forest, explaining all about wood!

From top of hill I had a good view and learnt how dried logs get measured, cut and stored. Looks like pattern doesnt it!

All fascinated about how leaves turn into humus. The honor goes to bacterias, worms and an insect by the name of jumping dick :-)))

Here I should have been learning to play simply kids song! Little Paula was pretty dissappointed when we figured that notes are not our thing at all :-(((

Next station I learned how a squirrel figures that a marten is after it. The squirrel hears the tiniest noise a marten makes on the tree. Amazed how the tiny tiny noise multiplied over the length of the tree!

At a former block of glacier ice - melted over the last 11.000 years! - dragonflies were dancing in the gleaming sun light and the wooden boards explained exactly what was all about!

So much fun to be kid again!

Oh, these three trees are so very wonderful. Being the pristine fruit trees of our ancestors! Back to hunter and collector times!! Left to right: pear, which then were smallish, round and rather white yellowish, cherry tree in the middle, small, slim tree and cherries will be very small with big pit and a apple tree! Never would have thought such tiny apples could be eaten!

Most fun. Chirping, giggling and all excited! I tried my luck barefeet on the sensory path, walking over sand, red soil, humus, wet stones, pine needles and branches.....loved it!

Wonderful day out. How was your day?


Anonymous said...

I like your blog,... nice post keep blogging...

Kirsty said...

great blogging idea. I will often go for a walk and post my findings. I always take my camera with me. Today I found a wallaby but my camera wasn't fast enough to snap him up! :( hehe love your blog! You walk in such gorgeous places!

Cindy @ Chalk it Up! said...

I don't know how I missed your wonderful post! I have been so bogged down. Summer's supposed to be a lazy time, not with too very active boys to entertain. I barely have done a food shopping in weeks. Although I love having them around I'll be glad when school starts again! Anyway, I have to check out your blog and see how your adventure is going. Again so sorry for not keeping up.