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Today is a new day! It is time to get away from the computer, put on those walking shoes, get out, get fit and be creative! How is walking a creative activity? Well, pick up your camera, take it with you and start clicking away! You will be amazed by all the interesting and wonderful things you will discover, on your ordinary walk, around your once familiar neighborhood.

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Creatively Fit is a fitness/photography blog designed to motivate blogger/photographers to get in shape. Each day, participants from across the globe are encouraged to walk, click, and connect with others who are grabbing their walking shoes and their cameras in an effort to stay creative and fit.

The task is simple. Leave a comment on a post, stating that you would like to join, and include your email address. You will receive an invitation to join the team. The assignment:

1. Walk 30-60 minutes each day (3-5 days per week). Work within your fitness level. Set a time limit that you are comfortable with (10, 15, 20 minutes). It's all about having fun and getting moving. Creativity and Fitness are bonuses!!
2. Click - Take photos of your journey.
Everything and anything goes, but we like creativity.
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5. That’s it!

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cindy Florida Thurs 9:45-10:30 AM

I wanted to give an update on my progress being creatively fit. I know Paula has been feeling a little lonely around here.I so much appreciate your posts! Even those who haven't been walking, clicking and connecting your support is always appreciated , as we all benefit from encouragement:)

I have been focusing my creativity with my fitness in a slightly different way recently. I have been working out at the gym 45-50 minutes M-F. I spend the first 30 minutes on the treadmill. My stamina has increased greatly since I started. My goal is not to add more time to my workout(because I don't have more time) but to intensify what I do in that amount of time.


These pictures above were taken last week with my phone camera. As you can see, on the treadmill data I averaged 3.8 mph, burned 226 calories, and went 2. miles in 31 minutes. Today (no camera phone in hand) I went 30 minutes and burned 245 calories. I am burning more calories in the same amount of time because I have increased speed and incline.

I also do crunches every workout. In addition, I have added arm and leg exercises. This only added about 5-8 minutes to my workout. (MWF Legs M-lunges with dumb bells 3 sets of 12) , W out and inner thigh machine, F-front and back of thigh machine. Tues, shoulders and pecs Thurs, biceps and triceps. I make sure to stretch well everyday! This averages out to about a 45-50 minute workout. I try to keep weights a little on the lighter side, to do faster higher reps.

When I'm on the treadmill I watch tv (there are several in front of me) or think(lots of thinking time-my mind is always going).

I feel like I have become my own personal trainer. Designing your own workout intuitively (listening to your body and responding to what it needs) Is also a way of staying creatively fit!

I may be writing more about this topic on my other blog later when I have more time. Now it's time to apply all of this energy to my day!

Were you Creatively fit? Tell me about it!


diane said...

I got tired and sore just reading your post. Well done keep at it! I used to go to the gym but stopped last May when I had an operation and I haven't rejoined. Too expensive for a retiree. I walk most mornings and I have been slack at reporting here.Sorry.

Paula said...

I agree with Diana, get tired and sore reading it. Even you phone takes great pics.