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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Paula-Munich, Germany, 1:10pm - 2:30am

I had overdone it and was refined to the sofa over the last two days.
This recuperating takes its time - SORRY, I vent ;-))))
So when I woke this morning to rain and fog I was fairly content (sigh)
Wow, living on the 5. floor and I couldnt even see a church tower or the top of a tree.
Just a mass of grey and the sound of rain. OK, I was content. Sort of...

But then it cleared, the rain stopped and I got all itchy.

Energy and cabin fever sky rocking -
I needed to be out and get some
Autumn under my skin, right?

A friend of mine and I made it to the
city park (English Garden).
I didnt mind so much that I am still very slow
- snail-like - however worshipping the sun like a lizard,
quick and elegant movements of a lizard - I wouldnt mind.
A snail who wants to be a lizard ;-))

It was Golden October day like none before this year.
Every one was out and about.
Even the carriages returned to be of service.

Some lush green left and carpets of leaves.
Ok, I would have loved just running through the leaves
but I was happy to be out in the first place.

Bare and beautiful.

Our Canadian guests are everywhere ;-))

Musik too ;-))

The eternal game of light and shade
Autumn in Munich
It was such beautiful time out, made me so happy
Guess what? I have overdone it again
Walked for three miles...

1 comment:

Cindy @ Chalk it Up! said...

Wow Paula 3 miles and still recuperating. Very good! Just take it easy:) We want you all well, no relapses.
Munich is beautiful. Love the old world feel of where you live.

Canadian Geese in Munich, who knew. I guess Germany runs parallel to Canada? I'll have to look at a map. Geography was never my thing. But as I get older I find it interests me more.:)
Take care,