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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cindy - Florida 12:15-1:05 PM

Today's walk was just a walk. No mazes made of corn, no gardens filled with roses and no exotic animals. I just walked out the door and started walking. Scratch that, I grabbed my phone so Matthew could call me. I put him on speaker phone so we could be together during my walk. Matthew has been home from school, sick, for the past couple of days. He does not like being home alone so this was our agreement.
As I walk along I tried to find beauty in the forgotten: a fallen hibiscus flower, star shaped weeds, cracks in the sidewalk, a half eaten apple and a lonely pine cone. Can you see Matthew's name on my phone, that picture would be my picture of Matthew, certainly not forgotten:)

I also focused on some mundane architecture. The landscape really does help to enhance the surroundings.

As I passed the old familiar Reflection Park. I decided to take pictures that I had taken before on a night walk. I thought it would be fun to do a little side by side.

High Noon!

I saw in Hayley's post below, construction was a theme! Funny, I took a picture of Men at work today too!

Was your walk working for you today?


Hayley @ When I Grow UP said...

This post "works" for me! Great side-by-sides! I love the "forgotten" hibiscus--one last moment of glory in the spotlight thanks to you!

Poor Matthew. I hope he feels better today!

By the way, as I struggle with strollers, temper-tantrums, and "Mommy, hold this," I wonder...when are you and I going to partner for a walk? I don't know if I will be able to keep up (my usual partner isn't quite as fast as you are, I'm sure, but we can give it a try.)

Again, great post!

Alicia said...

Ya know...I love this idea!!! I need to start walking, seriously. And take pictures while I'm at it??? PErfect!!

So, is it just any day of the week I post???

Stephanie said...

I love the am/pm photos...Poor Matthew, but I am glad he is feeling better. You are such a great mommy! Putting him on speaker so he won't be alone. I never knew that about him. He seems so independent.