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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Julie - North Carolina - 9:35 to 10:05 a.m.

I think I need to change my personality. I am way too slow and particular. I can easily spend twice as long going through and editing my photos as I do walking! I actually went on a walk last Thursday and never had time to sit down to edit and post my pics! (I also found a tick on myself afterwards... be sure to check yourself if you walk anywhere with lots of trees!) Of course, it would help if I didn't take 50-100 pictures each time...

This week and next are busy, busy, busy for me. In addition to school, church, soccer, and football, I'm the co-chair of our preschool's consignment sale, which is next week! I am determined to get in a few walks just for my sanity though! This morning I had a little kid-free time (after trying to rustle up more sale volunteers) and took a walk in the neighborhood around the preschool.

Good morning, moon!

"Planned" and "unplanned" beauty...

Donovan is into stickers right now. If he had a car, it would probably look about like this!

This car decor is more like my style.

These two houses are so out of place. I always laugh at them, though they do have some charm.

The sign appears to say that the rocks have their own security system. ;)


This is more like it.

Where the sidewalk ends...
Have a great day! I'll be here as much as I can! Assuming I survive, I really want to walk a lot more after the sale is done!

1 comment:

Cindy @ Chalk it Up! said...

It sounds like you are a good kind of busy:) I'm glad you are finding some time for yourself. That is just as important as helping others.
Thanks for the tip about the tick. We should add that one to the sidebar:)

I love your Good morning moon!
Pretty flower planned and unplanned, I like that descrition!
The stickers crack me up! Some people believe it's all or nothing. I'm with you, the one diasy is just right.
Great pictures!
I look forward to seeing more!
Good luck on your consignment sale!