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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cindy - Florida 10:20-11:20 AM

It's amazing how one day can be so wonderful and the next day can be so, so... It was one of those days. But I did manage to get in a walk. Unlike yesterday's walk, which had inspiration at every turn and good company, today's walk was a much more straight forward walk on a basic trail. Also, unlike some other walks where I worry about being in an isolated area, today I felt exposed! See the road next to the trail? I felt like I was on display. And notice, no arching trees to shade my path or offer dappled rays of light. Yup, I was out there for the world to see.:) I'm thinking this route will not be repeated. However, this was another one of those opportunities to showcase those things that we try to omit from our pictures.

There were signs, signs, everywhere signs... I never realized how negative they can be. I would have liked to see "Welcome", "Enter", "Have a nice day!" "Smile:) "

This collage shows the bridge that I crossed at the beginning of my walk. There were a lot of steep inclines. Good Workout!
The trail had one of those Circuit training courses. Yeah,.. didn't do that:)
Going back to Hayley's lesson from yesterday. Even in boring, less attractive places you can find beauty, you just have to seek it out and strategically position your camera in order to create the illusion of a beautiful setting! I think monarch butterflies are to September posts, what mushrooms were to August posts.:) They must be migrating.

Don't know why, but this last picture was my favorite today.
Today was a creatively FIT walk for me. What kind of a walk was it for you?
I hope it was a good one!

1 comment:

Hayley @ When I Grow UP said...

It's funny how you can take a photo of something you see every day, and with the right cropping and processing, it becomes a fun and entertaining shot!

I like your sign collage. Isn't there a song? Signs...signs...everywhere signs...
They are pretty commanding. ;)

Next time, set up the self timer, and capture yourself working that exercise equipment!