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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cindy - Florida 6:50-7:35 AM

I wake up, each day, eager to get out there and discover something new. I never know what kind of pictures I will take or what themes will unfold. Today one of the things that captured my attention was composition. I was thinking a little more abstractly this morning.
I liked the simple lines of the roof top(diagonal=movement) and the wall(horizontal=rest). I also like the contrast in color(red-green). These two pictures show the difference between a symmetrical and asymmetrical composition. Which one do you prefer?
Again, I was drawn to the idea of balance, symmetrical vs. asymmetrical.
Snapping one subject from different angles is another fun and creative exercise.:)
Another theme that unfolded was artificial light.
Here are some of my favorite photos of the morning. Here's lovely cat again. He/She is the color of the sunrise!

I took most of my pictures during the first half of my walk. I tried to pick up the pace on the second half and just walk. I really feel like I am getting creatively fit!


Anonymous said...

I love the cat one. That's a good picture of it

Hayley said...

Wow, Prof. Cindy, lessons to boot! You inspire me to learn more about photo composition. I like the artificial light collage. I think about the lights I see during the day too. I wonder why they aren't off already.

Seeing your photo of the bike rack makes me think we really were walking together today. I took the same shot! :)

julie said...

Ooh, I love the "two views of the same thing" collages. The mushroom looks really different from the top and from the side! I think my favorite is the one where it looks like the sunlight is coming around the curve to meet you. It's hard to choose, though - they're all so interesting! Keep it up!

Stillmary said...

I agree that all the photos are very interesting but MY favorite collage is the natural light theme where all the pictures are of sunshine or the color of sunshine.