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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cindy - Florida 6:45-7:10 AM

This morning's walk was quick and short! My husband had to go into work an hour earlier today. As I sat staring at the computer screen, I thought to myself, I can get out now for a short, quick walk or I could wait for the kids to get up and persuade them to walk with me. If I chose the second option I knew it wasn't likely to happen. They would complain. We would probably walk a half of a block, if that. It would be too late, too hot and there would be too many other things to do. In other words, this walk wouldn't happen. So, I quickly got dressed and ran out the door, just as the sun was rising.

As you can see, from the pictures above, the sun was just coming up, the moon was still visible and the street lights were still on. This did not make for easy picture taking. It was very frustrating. Most of my pictures were blurry and I didn't have time to keep retaking pictures. The goal was to get in as much quality walk time in as possible and hopefully get some decent pictures. Truthfully, if I wasn't taking pictures I probably would have been able to walk twice as far. However, I did manage to work up a sweat, raise my heart rate slightly, feel the burn in my gluts and calves AND my hair frizzed. So I'll count this as a workout.:) And I got some ok pictures. So I'll also count it as a creatively fit walk.

This is the dock where we like to go fishing. It is right up the road from my house. I put the camera on the ledge because the insufficient light was slowing the shutter speed and making the pictures blurry. I thought this would steady the camera for a clearer shot. It worked!
These little guys made me smile. They reminded me of my favorite song that my Grandma "Mere" used to sing to me when I was a very little girl. "There's a little white duck swimmin in the water..." She called me her little white duck. I'll be thinking about her today and singing that song in my head.

I noticed a theme. Rows and clusters of trees. Totally not how it would grow in nature but I still like it.:)

I'm so glad I got off my butt instead of staring at the computer this morning. That was the whole reason for starting Creatively Fit. So much more satisfying.

Have a great day everybody!

P.S. A word about Picasa: Some of my favorite tools:
1. Cropping(Although, I seem to be using it less and less, as I edit as I take the picture but it's still good for cleaning up the image)
2. Straightening
(this is great for creatively fit photo shoots, you're on the move, it may be hard to keep the camera straight),
3. Sharpening the image(It makes it a soft image a little crisper)
4. Collaging (Great for grouping themes)
5. Blogger uploading ( Quick and easy posting)


Stillmary said...

What a fabulous set of photos! I couldn't even pick a favorite but I have to say you did a great job even where you had difficulty. And the trees and duck pictures are really wonderful. Nice job getting out there!

Hayley said...

Great job, Cindy! Yes, the light definitely makes a difference in the blurry-factor. I too did a trees theme today. It was very different actually, as I captured the trucks and patterns and textures.

I love when photos link to memories. I never knew you were the Little White Duck. I'll have to remember that.

Anonymous said...

I love the dock and the birds. The other morning we too took a walk when the sun was just coming up (streetlights were still on). It's harder, but it's also refreshing to have the challenge to still get good shots. Good work!

julie said...

I love the dock photos... Especially how when you place them side-by-side it looks like the railing goes from one photo into the other. They would look great framed and hung on a wall that way! The story you told with your duck photos is so sweet. What a nice thought to start the day with!

Cindy @ Chalk it Up! said...

Thank you Julie,
The eerie thing is, today my mom, who is visiting up in New York, went to my grandparents graves this morning and we didn't realize it, until she saw my grandfather's tombstone, that he died 15 years ago today. Then my mom saw my post. They are with us. We miss them.