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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cindy - Florida 10:00-10:45

I decided to take my walk around the middle school, high school and back through the neighborhood to football practice.

The tile and brick were found on the middle school campus. This is the school my older son will go to this year. I don't know what that stuff was growing on the fence but it fits my orange theme.
Here's my yellow theme. There was a pretty garden in the middle of the school with a beautiful sunflower and birdbath. It must have been part of the horticultural club. I found some lovely weeds along my walk (these pictures were inspired by Hayley's pretty weed picture from yesterday's walk.)
Trees always seem to work their way into the mix.
Hanging moss and other hanging vines were inspired by Jenny's single strand of hanging moss picture, from her walk the other morning.

I think it is good to be inspired by each others pictures. (It's the connect part)

These are two versions of a similar picture. Can't decide which one I like better. Squirrel in silhouette.

This was my favorite picture of the day. Another one inspired by Hayley's pictures of this plant. I really like the movement of this one.

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julie said...

I LOVE the squirrel pictures! You got its profile so perfectly that it almost doesn't seem real! It is hard to choose between the two... the one on the left has more sky, but it's easier to spot the squirrel in the one on the right. I also really enjoyed your sunflower pics. Several years ago I had some huge ones growing on the patio behind the apartment I lived in at the time. Sunflowers are just so happy, aren't they?